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Our Story 

Why Cooper's Totes 

A little story behind Coopers Totes, our team is made up of two families working together to bring joy into the lives of foster kids. We both have a personal connection to the cause and are honoring the lives of our loved ones by putting a smile on a childs face one tote at a time. 

Inspired by the story of Christal's father & Malcon and Keely's desire to foster, Cozy totes was born.

 As some of our followers know, we originally started off as "Cozy Totes". One of our founders recently lost their baby boy Cooper and as a tribute to his memory the next batch of Totes were called Cooper's Totes. Cooper became a star on April 20th, he & Christals father are now watching over all of us.

So with this we decided to permanently change our name to Cooper's Totes.

 Cooper was only here for a short time but his love will help us bring awareness and comfort to as many kids as we can.

In Memory of 

                     J.R Jones

was orphaned as a small child, though he went on to be a soilder, pastor, and world changer. Christal is thankful to work through Cooper's Totes to honor his memory & life.  

     Cooper J Brown Pierce

    Shine bright little the moon & back

April 20th 2015


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